TR MR WRANGLE UP 2502Z  (M819085)

The 40,000 top selling bull at the Thomas Ranch Bull sale.

Owned with Dennis Charolais Farms, Bracewell Cattle, Cody White, Cavendar Ranch, Carl Rugg, Jeff Jackson, and Thomas Ranch.

Semen available through Bovine Elite.


Wrangle Up calves are hitting the ground! They are low birth weight and stylish.


D R Revelation 467 (EM755482)

A Denver Champion and a Calving Ease Hoo Doo Slasher Son.


SKS MR WIND POWER 702 (EM808666)

Sired by D R Revelation 467 and out of the 4114 donor.

BW: 73 lbs   WW:  675 lbs   BW EPD: -4.4

He is Proving to be a Great Calving Ease Heifer Bull.


SKS IRON HIDE 027  (EM824618 )

Sired by KEYS TEN-ACIOUS 166S and out of  DA MS UNLIMITED 727 (She is a Baldridge Fastrack daughter from Alsup’s and is now a featured donor for MDL farms).

BW: 90lbs    WW: 801 lbs     YW: 1367 lbs

Great EPD’s.


SKS Prototype D126: Reg # M893765  d.o.b. 11/13/2016 

He is sired by SKS Ironhide and out of an outstanding young  Cooley Royce female that traces back to the M6 481 cow. Watch for him in Fort Worth!



Ironhide calves are powerful, balanced, and have a killer look.

Ironhide semen is available: Contact Us for details


FH Wind 311 (EM832195)

LT Wyoming Wind x  the $50,000 – JWK Ruby

Wind 311 was purchased as the top selling bull at the OK charolais association bull sale.

Owned with Fox Hollow Farms.

E.T. quality semen is available and ready to ship, contact us for details.